About Us

We'd rather hear about you, but here's a little about us

About Us

We started home-schooling in 1992. Obviously, a lot has changed since then. We went through the questioning in public about "why aren't your kids in school?" just like you hear about from many of that era. A few people would pursue a conversation with "Home-schooling? What's that?" They genuinely wanted to learn more and were impressed with the concept. I would always tell them, "The fact that you were inquisitive and wanted to know means you would have been good at home-schooling too." And then we'd share a laugh.

As more people have joined the "movement" over the years, and of course with the Internet, things are a lot easier than before.

There are many good online resources for home-schoolers. We hope that you will make HOME-SCHOOLER.COM one of them.

We'd love to hear from you with your story, ideas, feedback and suggestions. Just email us at feedback@home-schooler.com.