Home-schooling Groups in Connecticut

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The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers in Connecticut


Throughout the year, TEACH-CT provides encouragement and support to the Christian homeschool community by sponsoring various activities and events. We invite you to participate!

Our purpose is to further the interests of home education of children by their parents. To accomplish this, TEACH provides information and services to homeschooling families and support groups in Connecticut. All sponsored activities and publications are consistently Christian and dedicated to the honor and glory of God in keeping with the Biblical commands of Deuteronomy 6:4-10, Proverbs 22:6, and Ephesians 6:4.

The purpose of TEACH is not to represent, or speak for, all home educators in Connecticut or even all Christian home educators in Connecticut. Nor is TEACH a governing or certifying body for home educators. The focus is to provide information and services to home educators. TEACH sponsors a variety of activities to accomplish its purpose.

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