Home-schooling Groups in Idaho

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Christian Homeschoolers Of Idaho State


Sitting around a picnic table at a park in Emmett, Idaho in 1998, four homeschool moms got together to plan Idaho’s first statewide homeschool convention. One mom donated $30 for postage, and that seed grew into our first full convention a few months later. Idaho homeschoolers responded enthusiastically to the idea and CHOIS was born.

Over the years, the homeschooling movement has grown, and because of God’s grace and your continued support, generous contributions, and volunteer efforts, CHOIS has grown along with it.

A major milestone was reached in the winter of 2003 when the CHOIS Connection Magazine was born, created to connect the homeschoolers of Idaho with a unifying voice to inspire, inform, encourage and connect. From our humble beginnings CHOIS has stayed committed to serving Idaho’s homeschooling families by providing timely information, excellent resources, and an unfailing presence in the legislative process. The work of CHOIS is still being done by dedicated and enthusiastic families—like yours—who are willing to volunteer their time, talents, and resources to help other homeschool families succeed. Volunteers are the backbone of CHOIS; we couldn’t do what we do without you.

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Idaho Coalition of Home Educators


The purpose of the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators is to protect the right to home educate within the state of Idaho. To this end, ICHE sponsors Standardized Testing, Legislative Day, Email Updates and Alerts.

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