Home-schooling Groups in Illinois

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Illinois Christian Home Educators


ICHE serves to network different support groups from all over Illinois for the purpose of sharing information and encouraging one another. Today the network has grown to over a hundred support groups and county contacts throughout the state. For more about Support Groups, check out our Support Group page.

For the individual home educator, ICHE sponsors conventions and conferences throughout the year. The largest and most popular event is the annual ICHE State Convention, held every spring in northern Illinois. This event features national speakers on home education, a variety of workshops covering many helpful topics, and an Exhibit Hall jam-packed with curriculum suppliers.

ICHE also sponsors some family outings. Some of our events include a Family Camp each September, the biannual Mid-Winter Renewal for mothers, and the Young Adult Conference each Fall. For more info, check out our Events calendar.

For the beginning home educator, ICHE offers a Beginner's Packet to answer questions and to help new home educators find a local support group. Just Contact Us to request a packet.

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