Home-schooling Groups in New Hampshire

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Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire


Christian Home Educators of NH began as a local homeschool support group in Hillsborough in 1988 before there was a home school law. In those days parents had to ask permission and show evidence of some hardship (religious, etc) and then submit to the whims of local officials.

CHENH became a statewide organization intent on lobbying the legislature during a contentious process that pitted state bureaucrats, wanting complete control over home education, against parents who wanted complete autonomy. The result was something in the middle and CHENH has remained active trying to keep State regulation to a minimum ever since.

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New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition


The NHHC welcomes all those interested in homeschooling. We support all reasons for homeschooling and are not tied to any particular method, religion or philosophy. With over 5000 homeschooled students in New Hampshire, the statewide New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition functions as an important source of information.

The Coalition also publishes the New Hampshire Home Education Guidebook, a valuable reference guide which includes information about the New Hampshire home education law and rules, comprehensive resource lists, and encouraging essays and articles written by homeschooling parents, and provides a monthly newsletter. We also offer support through our annual workshop and other events.

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