Home-schooling Groups in Oregon

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Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network


OCEANetwork exists to provide support and communication to Christian home education families and support group leaders, and to provide information to governing bodies and the general public. All activities of OCEANetwork shall be consistently and forthrightly Christian.

CHEF of Oregon is a support and service organization for home educating families throughout the state of Oregon. CHEF was formed in 1986 and became a statewide organization in 1995. Based in Tulsa, CHEF of Oregon has local support groups in the Tulsa and surrounding areas.

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Oregon Christian Home Educators' Consociation


OHEN encourages networking and communication among homeschooling families. OHEN works with various homeschooling support groups and libraries around the state to help prospective and current homeschoolers find the support, resources, and information that are so vital to their success as their children’s primary educators.

OHEN is an inclusive, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting all of Oregon’s homeschooling families. OHEN supports the right of all homeschoolers to educate their children with as little government intervention as possible.

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