Home-schooling Groups in West Virginia

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Christian Home Educators of West Virginia


CHEWV is committed to “defending freedoms, serving families ... together.” And, while at first glance this may simply sound like a nice slogan, it’s important to understand that “defending freedoms, serving families ... together" is what we’ve been doing since we were first founded in 1990. It’s the bedrock of who we are and why we exist.

Not so many years ago West Virginians had very limited homeschool freedoms. And, from time to time, legislative issues still arise that threaten the future of homeschooling in West Virginia. The good news is that CHEWV has been there, and will continue to be there. As an organization as strong as the West Virginia mountains we call home, CHEWV is committed to doing whatever it takes to defend your freedoms and serve families - just like your family - all across this great state.

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