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Lifelong Learning

We are a diverse group of home-schooling families, from many walks of life, with some of us now teaching a second generation – over 30 years later. We have taught just our kiddos, plus started co-ops and enrichment programs serving hundreds of home-schoolers at a time. We have served on home-school program boards and also helped at the state association level serving over 14,000 home-schoolers.

Teaching our kids. Helping others. Always learning.

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From Kitchen Table to Around The World

Putting The "Living" In Living Rooms

Some of us had to find our own way in the home-school world and others have had it pretty easy. Even though laws have relaxed and technology has improved over the years, the home is still a great place to learn!

We provide partnerships, technology, and learning opportunities so that your home-schooling family can do more – on your own or with others.

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Microsoft 365 For Education
You and your students can now take advantage of the same Microsoft 365 for Education available to public schools for less than the price of the Home edition of Microsoft 365. This includes the digital learning tools developed by Microsoft.

Remote or In Person
The products found in Microsoft 365 for Education can help your students at their desk, at co-op, or via expert instruction from hundreds or thousands of miles away. View the list of popular Microsoft 365 for Education apps.

Virtual Field Trips
You and your students can now participate in Microsoft for Education virtual field trips and learning opportunities they make available across their worldwide education network.

In addition, we produce our own virtual field trips just for home-schoolers – like the very popular ones we did with Native American Nations, such as Cherokee Nation.

Home-School College Fair
We host an online college fair where students have an opportunity to learn about colleges they may never hear of ordinarily and meet with admissions representatives to get questions answered and connect with more in-depth meetings.

For example, did you know there’s a college that takes the entire incoming freshman class on a two-week horseback camping trip to the Rocky Mountains before their classes begin?

Melissa Burdi

Melissa Burdi, DNP
School of Nursing Academic Dean and Vice President
Purdue University Global 

Webinars With Subject Matter Experts
We host webinars with experts in their field across a wide variety of topics – from ways to improve teaching; how to increase the SAT score or find sources of tuition money; or differences between online or in-person nursing programs.

Please join us.

Two annual school year plans to choose from:
$20 per year (Cloud-based, per Individual)
$90 per year (Download, Household Plan includes Teacher plus up to 15 Students)

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