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Individual accounts are $20 for the entire school year.

Family accounts are $90 for the entire school year.

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2024-2025 School Year

The Individual Account includes one Home-Schooler email address per individual. Order as many individual accounts as you require. We recommend you include one account for you, the teacher, and then one account per student.

The Family Account is best for families with 4 or more students or for those who wish to use downloadable versions of Microsft applications. It includes one Home-Schooler email address for the Parent and one for each of the students (up to 5 students).

These email accounts are used to access all of the Microsoft and Home-Schooler resources (Apps, Digital Learning Tools, Virtual Field Trips, College Fair, Webinars, etc.).

Compare Annual Plans (covers 12 months: July to June)

Individual Account - $20 each

  • Microsoft apps are cloud-based only (requires good Internet connection for access)
  • Minecraft: Education Edition is not included (available from Microsoft separately for $12 per year per user)
  • One email account per individual, plus one Group account when purchasing two or more Individual accounts..

Family Account - $90

  • Microsoft apps may be downloaded on up to five devices
  • Includes one Teacher account and up to 5 student accounts per family (each student account has a cloud-based account included, in case there are more than five devices in the family).
  • One email account per individual, plus one Group account per family.

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When you Sign Up by October 31, 2022:

  • $25 New Account Set Up Fee waived.
  • New or Renewing Annual License reduced to $100 for current school year (August 1, 2022 – July 31, 2023)
  • Total: $100.00 for New or Renewing Accounts


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As Microsoft 365 for Education is now included with your account, the set up and activation process is slightly longer. Generally speaking this is the timeline to expect for creating a new account after paid registration:

Home-schooler account
» 1 business day

Microsoft – Institution account (your home-school)
» 2-3 business days

Microsoft – Minecraft: Education Edition server activation
» 3-4 business days

[A business day is considered a full day, Monday to Friday, exclusive of observed holidays]
Frequently Asked Questions


All accounts are on an annual "school year" basis (August 1 to July 31) and will renew automatically on the registration anniversary date until cancelled.

Generally speaking, there are no costs beyond your annual Account fee for Virtual Field Trips, Subject Matter Expert Webinars, or the College Fair.

We will say here that "we reserve the right to charge a fee" but that is only to cover ourselves legally in the future.

No. You need a Home-Schooler email address in order to access things such as Microsoft 365 for Education and you need a account in order to get Microsoft hosted email accounts.

Online Registration accepts credit cards and debit cards. For other payment types (checks, money orders, purchase orders) download and complete a Printed Registration form and follow the instructions.

We have many training resources (especially video-based) available for all of our users.

We also coordinate with the Microsoft 365 Education team to provide live training webinars for all account holders. This is the same level training Microsoft provides to school districts for professional development, or PD, of teachers and staff.

We encourage adult account holders to subscribe to our free monthly enewsletter for updates to our offerings and those from Microsoft, since they are always improving and adding features.

At least one desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet and/or smartphone is required. These can be Windows®, iOS®, or Chrome® OS devices. In addition, a good Internet connection is required when connecting to Microsoft 365 for Education cloud-based resources or attending virtual field trips, for example. All major Internet browsers are supported.

A few of the Microsoft 365 for Education apps, such as Office Lens, require a smartphone to use. These apps must be downloaded separately from the Apple Apps Store or Google Play, depending on your mobile device.

No. The "teacher" (or Parent) account has "students" (your children) associated together, as if you are a "school". This is designed to adhere to the Microsoft management needs.

Firstly, creates and hosts our own content. We also have other partnerships which allow us to create learning opportunities not found anywhere else - including with Microsoft.

As for the Microsoft products themselves, Microsoft 365 for Education has taken the products in their personal or business line and added many digital learning features - making it a superior digital learning platform. Because these are unique education features we urge our subscribers to use our free training resources to learn how to get the most out of your account.