Home-Schooler Account

Terms & Conditions

Program Description
Your Home-schooler account is designed to provide tools and resources to assist you in teaching your child(ren) and in their learning.

Program and Offer Duration
The Program shall continue until terminated. Accounts are valid on an annual basis, from August 1, 2022 until July 31, 2023.

Account Activation
As Microsoft 365 for Education is now included with your Home-schooler.com account, the Microsoft account set up and activation is separate from and in addition to the set-up of  your Home-schooler.com account. Generally speaking this is the timeline to expect for creating a new account:

» Home-schooler account
» Microsoft institution account (your home-school)
» Minecraft: Education Edition server activation

» 1 business day after account sign up
» 2-3 business days
» 3-4 business days
[A business day is considered a full day, Monday to Friday, exclusive of observed holidays]

Program Eligibility Requirements
This Program is available only to households who meet the criteria described below:

Individual must be the person currently responsible for the home instruction of eligible student(s).

Eligible student is a student whose primary residence is the same household (same location as the Individual); and who is receiving at least partial pre-K through 12th grade instruction from the Individual. Restrictions may vary by country.

Microsoft 365 for Education
As commercial Office 365 applications are part of the Microsoft 365 for Education offering, if it is determined that the Individual is not a home-schooling parent, you agree to reimburse Microsoft for the estimated full retail price of the same product(s) as offered by the Microsoft 365 Family Plan.

Microsoft, in its sole discretion, may determine the criteria for eligibility under the Program and may change the eligibility criteria or deny eligibility at any time and for any reason.

For Microsoft related services, Microsoft reserves the right to terminate, cancel or otherwise change any specific offer made through or in connection with the Program at any time and for any reason.

Purchase Limitations
Microsoft 365 for Education: Each Eligible Individual receives an annual subscription to Microsoft services which includes one downloadable / installable application for the Individual (the instructing Parent). This license is serialized and assigned to a device. If this device becomes lost, stolen, or otherwise inoperable, one additional install will be provided during the 12-month Offer Duration, at no charge. If an additional install is required during this same 12-month Offer duration period, the Individual can purchase an additional install for $100.

In addition to the primary Individual installation, up to five other devices in the home may download and use the Microsoft 365 for Education applications on other devices. If a new install must be done during the 12-month Offer Duration period, these applications will need to be downloaded and installed again, according to the new serialized install. There is no cost for these secondary installations.

Offered Software
Only electronic software download (“ESD”) versions of software products are offered through the Program.

Other Offered Software or Services
Program offers that involve hardware, software, or other non-software products beyond those in the core Home-Schooler account may also have limits or conditions per student, per individual, per offer or per period as described in the specific offer terms.